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What is BodyZyme?
BodyZyme is a systemic enzyme.

What are enzymes? Enzymes are protein based molecules that start or enhance the chemical reactions of all living organisms. Our bodies alone have over 3000 different knd of enzymes, each with a specific and unique function. All of our metabolic functions depend on enzyme availability. They allow us to function properly and slow down the aging process.

There are six categories of enzymes, depending on what they act upon and the reaction they effect.

Hydrolases (protease, amylase and lipase): Brake down proteins, carbohydrates and fats respectively.
Isomerasses: Break down chemical groups within the same molecule.
Ligases: Enable the formation of bonds between two substrate molecules.
Lyases: Split double bonds between atoms.
Oxidoreductases: Make oxidation and reduction possible.
Transferases: Transfer chemical groups between molecules.

Our bodies ability to function is directly dependent on the strength and number of enzymes available.

Enzymes lose strength and die off as their life span expires. Some enzymes have a life-span of around twenty minutes, while others for several weeks.

How are these enzymes replaced? Some of the enzymes are produced by our own bodies. Other enzymes are ingested when we eat fresh unprocessed, unheated, untainted foods, most of which are unavailable in our modern diet (in the quantities we require). Also, this production decreases by illness, injury, stress and aging. In addition, some substances we ingest or come into contact with, can act as enzyme depleters: Alcohol, coffee, unsoaked beans and nuts, dried (dehydrated) foods, canned foods, milled foods, refined foods, frozen foods radiated foods tobacco, many of the drugs we use, food preservatives, colorants, flavorings and flavor enhancers, pesticides, organic solvents often found in household products (i.e. methanol, ethanol, propenol, formic acid, ethylene glycol, hexane, benzene and butanol - To learn about cleansing the body of these toxins, please visit BodyZyme is designed to supplement and aid in the replacement of these enzymes.

Living in this day and age, enzyme insufficiency has become the rule, rather than the exception, with no real solution in sight. Our dependence on quickly processed foods, contaminants and exposure to enzyme inhibitors, as well as increased stress levels are most likely to only become more common, resulting in even more acute enzyme deficiencies.
Now you may ask: Why isn't this condition more publicized? Why isnít there more awareness? Most of the time, our illness, or absence of health, is attributed not so much to the causal factor, as it is to a symptomatic condition. Heart attacks are attributed to blood vessels clogged by cholesterol, rather than to the hardening of the vessels and decreased flexibility that enzymatic deficiency can bring about. Digestive distress is blamed on acidity, constipation, etc. not to our inability to break down and absorb our foods with proper enzymatic assistance.
We are not recommending that you not seek medical help when an acute or life threatening condition is present. What we are saying is that by maintaining proper enzymes levels, you may avoid or postpone many of the chronic degenerative diseases by maintaining optimal enzyme levels.

How do I know if I am enzyme deficient? As our enzymatic levels gradually decrease over time, most of us do not notice (until we supplement our bodies enzymes and notice the difference). However, one of the most obvious signs of enzyme deficiency is indigestion (including an upset stomach, gas, and a bloated feeling after eating certain foods). Many of the foods containing complex sugars will sit in the large intestine and putrefy when they cannot be broken down. This is easily rectified by taking enzyme supplements (ie BodyZyme). Premature aging and Illness are two other indicators of enzyme deficiency. Premature aging can be slowed by antioxidant enzymes, which fight the free radicals that destroy our bodies (environmental free radicals and pollutants cause our bodies to 'rust' and age). And according to Dr Anthony Cichoke, "Any illness or disease process, such as cardiovascular disease, degenerative diseases, cancer, or even a slow recovery rate after an injury are all indications that your body's enzymes are not working properly."

What are BodyZyme's ingredients?
BodyZyme Ingredients

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