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What is BodyZyme?
BodyZyme is a potent systemic enzyme. What are Enzymes? Enzymes are protein based sustances found in every cell of every plant and animal. They work throughout our bodies causing reactions to take place... aiding our breathing, circulation, digestion... helping to reduce inflammation, fight disease, look good, and live longer. For more information, please reference our Product Info section.

How does BodyZyme work?
BodyZyme systemic enzymes are meant to replace enzymes in the body that have been lost with age, poor diet, and/or an unhealthy lifestyle. For more information, please reference our Product Info section.

Do you carry other products?
BodyZyme is part of the Wise Choice Health, Inc. family, which also includes BodyPuretm, as well as auxiliary products such as Hair Analysis Testing Kits.

What kind of payment do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Paypal payments both online, and over the phone at toll free (888) 951 7873, or (310) 204-4484.

How much does shipping cost to my area?
Shipping is calculated according to weight, and by default we usually ship via US Post Priority Mail (it is usually the most inexpensive, and one of the fastest options). When purchasing directly on our website, you will be able to select your preferred shipping carrier and method (the cost for each is displayed). To get an approximate idea of how much shipping will cost, please refer to the table below:

In the US:
Bottles Shipping Cost Shipping Cost/Box
1 to 4 5.95 as low as 1.49
5 to 8 7.85 as low as 0.98
9 to 12 10.65 as low as 0.89
13 to 16 12.45 as low as 0.78
To the UK:
Bottles Shipping Cost Shipping Cost/Box
1 to 4 12.10 as low as 3.03
5 to 8 17.10 as low as 2.14
9 to 12 23.10 as low as 1.93
13 to 16 28.10 as low as 1.76
To Canada:
Bottles Shipping Cost Shipping Cost/Box
1 to 4 10.10 as low as 2.53
5 to 8 13.10 as low as 1.64
9 to 12 16.10 as low as 1.34
13 to 16 20.10 as low as 1.26

*in the table above US Post Priority Mail is used for domestice packages, Global Priority Mail for international packages, and all prices are in USD. Click on any of the above figures for translation to your currency*

Is my personal information safe with you?
BodyZyme uses NO cookies, does not distribute your personal information, and uses Verisign's state of the art SSL encryption technology to encrypt your credit card information. See our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy Here.

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